4. My mattress: I am the laziest person I know. Everything I do, I do with a view to it being completed so I can just go back to my bed. My bed is unlike any bed; it is the most beautiful white cloud of heaven. Being in a band, touring as much as we do, I am separated from my sweet love all too often. But I do have to remember that being in this band gives me more time to be with it when we are back. No 6am alarm gets me up and out every day (it does sometimes, however, so I’m not too lucky), and when I am home I get to be with it, write on it, from it, about it. I am influenced by the desire to be successful enough to spend as much time as possible with it (as I’m writing this I realise I could just give everything up and live off the state and spend a lot more time with it, but you get what I mean).

Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club, when asked her top five influences

sunday night I went to bed at 5am and now, monday night, I “slept” 1:30am to 6am (when my alarm goes off for school). I put sleep in quotes tho because it was more or less just laying around quietly in a semiconscious state and I’m just like
this is going to be an issue in a few hours